Shooting in Corsica

20. Mai 2018

Because this is a blogpost for Mélanie & Sébastien it is gonna be in English, so they’ll understand…

I love the ocean. I just love everything about it. Ever have – ever will. So I thought, being on the French Island CORSICA, would be the perfect opportunity to have a couple shoot at the beach. That’s why I was very happy to meet this beautiful couple at the Rondinara Beach. We clicked right away. They love travelling, they love dogs – that gets me all the time 🙂

After my workshop in England (if you read about it) I was thinking a lot about my photography style, and still am. It’s a process. So I tried to go to the photoshoot with an empty head. No pictures in it. No instagram inspirations. No nothing! Just Nadia Melis words in my head: what kind of pictures would I take, if there were no other pictures in the world? I would focus on people, not on inspirational pictures. So I took a shot at it and the results make me really joyful.
I see freedom. I see wild love. And I see change in these pictures.
What do you see?